Just to confirm that if lockdown chaos prevails at your house, you are not alone. It is just the same at ours. We have three primary school aged boys, a 4-month-old puppy and my husband and I are working from home. The daily juggle of working, home schooling and everyday domestics is exhausting.

At any point in time, I could be trying to work out what school work each child has, motivating them to do that work, listening to a lot of whinging and then checking they have actually done it. They also have online school sessions each day. Today they had 13 different sessions between them, we ran late for 4 and accidentally missed one altogether. Not too bad. There were tears, high fives and lots of basketball hoops in our backyard. Who knew grade 5 long division was so complicated, that ‘y’ makes three different sounds, and that you can vote for Victoria’s first ever fossil emblem through the Melbourne Museum website (it’s actually pretty cool, you should check it out).

There is also endless food preparation. Locked down children are definitely hungrier, so there are at least five meals a day to cater. Fortunately, you can’t see how dirty their clothes are on zoom so we are doing less washing. Or would be if we weren’t wiping up puppy wee. Our gorgeous fluff ball is a wonderful addition to the family. Perhaps he is the ultimate reason we are perfecting chaos?

We are certainly not making things look pretty. Our house looks like a puppy fortress, with many explosions of toys, clothes and dishes on the side. But we are getting up each day and getting through as best we can. Trying to be kind to each other and having some laughs along the way. A very wise friend once told us ‘that anything more than surviving is just showing off’. Love it. No showing off here!

Despite all this, we can’t help but think how fortunate we are in these crazy pandemic times. Getting out and getting some fresh air as often as we can has been our saviour. It really helps to reset and keep things in perspective.