It’s getting to that time of year again. When we start thinking about what we want to change or what we would like to accomplish in the year ahead (and all of the things we accidentally forgot to achieve this year!). It’s new year’s resolution time!

Resolutions can be a fun tradition – even if we don’t follow through on all our promises to ourselves! So why not get the whole family involved?

New year’s resolutions can be a fantastic way to motivate your child and help them achieve their goals too!

Helping children set new year’s resolutions

First – make sure the goal they set is measurable. Whether they tick if off on a chart or have a regular check in with you or another trusted adult, being able to see their progress measured out will help to keep them motivated.

Encourage your child to set a goal for the new year that is attainable. We all remember that goal to go the gym 7 days a week that never eventuated. For kids, it’s important that they can achieve their goals. So instead of ‘I will read a book every day before bed’, encourage a more realistic approach ‘I will read a book before bed more often’.

Your child’s goal should have a result attached to it. Whether they are reading every day to get better at reading or to expand their knowledge on a topic, having a goal to reach will help to keep your child motivated.

Some ideas for the child in your life:
  • I will try to remember to clean up my toys after I am done playing with them every day
  • I will talk to mum/dad/a trusted adult when I feel upset or scared
  • I will try to eat 3 different colour veggies with my dinner every night
School Aged Children
  • I will try to drink more water (and less juice/soft drinks/cordial) each day
  • I will make more friends by being friendly and talking to children I wouldn’t normally talk to
  • I will finish my homework before playing a video game or watching TV
  • I will eat two serves of fruit and two serves of veggies every day
  • I will spend more time with my family and less time on social media/video games/tv
  • I will volunteer some of my time every month to help in my community