Summer for Australian families means time to hit the beach. But before you do, make sure you know how to keep your kids safe around the water.

Whether you’re taking the kids to the beach, pool or water park, we’ve got you covered with this list of handy tips!

  • make sure your children learn to swim – after all, we are surrounded by water!
  • kids should always have adult supervision when in and around water
  • speaking of adult supervision, always make sure someone is watching kids while they are swimming – while we know it’s the silly season, this person should be sober and not distracted
  • swim between the flags when at the beach (that means you too grown-ups!)
  • avoid swimming near or under piers, where currents can easily pull you under or push you into them – ouch!
  • look out for jellyfish warnings (especially if you’re travelling up north) and other relevant warnings (sharks, crocodiles, and everything else this crazy country throws at us!)
  • make sure your kids are aware of their surroundings – talk to them ahead of time about not wandering off or forgetting to check in with an adult
  • teach your kids to swim parallel to the shore or tread water and signal for help if they get caught in a rip
  • at water parks, make sure you read all posted signs before you or your kids jump onto any rides
  • teach your kids the importance of following the rules around any water, such as walking instead of running, not pushing, bombing when it’s not safe, etc.
  • a life jacket is always a great option, for little kids and the less strong swimmers especially
  • ensure your kids know if and where it is safe to dive into the pool from
  • learn CPR, it really can be the difference between an accident and a tragedy
  • most importantly – HAVE FUN!