Melbourne childrens clinic

Personalised care you can trust

As a general paediatric practice run by an experienced paediatrician we can help you with all areas of infant, childhood and adolescent health and developmental concerns.

We have a particular interest in making sure unwell children have easy access to rapid, comprehensive assessment and know how important flexibility is for families.

We are a child and family-focussed practice who believes you are the expert in your child, all of our advice is individualised and you are an integral part of finding the right solution for your child.

We specialise in the following areas

We can help you with:

  • Developmental problems, e.g. global developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disorders, intellectual disability

  • Genetic conditions, eg Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome etc.  Genetic counselling also available.

  • Metabolic conditions, eg mitochondrial disorders (Barth syndrome, Leigh syndrome etc), glycogen storage diseases (Pompe disease etc), lysosomal storage disorders (eg Hunter and Hurler syndromes etc)

  • Respiratory conditions, e.g. asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic cough

  • Skin conditions, e.g. eczema, birthmarks

  • Neurological conditions, e.g. seizures/epilepsy, headaches, cerebral palsy

  • Digestive issues, e.g. gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, food sensitivities

  • Nutrition, e.g. failure to thrive, weight concerns, oral aversion

  • Attentional difficulties, e.g. ADHD

  • Continence issues, e.g. bedwetting, constipation

  • Sleep disorders, e.g. obstructive sleep apnoea, night terrors, sleep walking

And we’re well connected

We will liaise with your child’s educators, school and allied health professionals to provide coordinated and integrated care.  Should your child require a referral to a sub-specialist, we are well connected to a wide network of experienced practitioners in both the public and private systems.

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