It’s a new year, which means new starts and new challenges for kids and their families. Starting school, moving up a room at childcare, taking part in an extracurricular activity all involve new experiences. Many kids find it hard to try new things, particularly if they feel they won’t be able to do them well the first time. Does this sound familiar? Many adults also struggle to try new things, worried that we will look foolish.

Expecting perfection can stop us from giving things a try, which means our kids don’t get to see us navigating failure. It is important for our kids to see us doing things badly, making mistakes and coping with disappointment.

Learning to tolerate and celebrate mistakes is an important part of life and creates the foundations for a Growth Mindset.

These are some of my favourite resources about embracing imperfection and the importance of mistakes.

Picture Books

  • The Dot by Peter H Reynolds
  • Ish by Peter H Reynolds
  • Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones
  • Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty
  • Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg
  • The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken
  • The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires (also available on ABC iview )
  • It’s Okay to Make Mistakes by Todd Parr

For older children

  • What to do When Mistakes Make You Quake

TV Shows (available on ABC iView)

  • Bluey- Perfect
  • Bluey- Bike
  • Bluey- Omelette (this one is as much for adults as for kids!)


  • Teeny Tiny Stevies- Abilities (From Helpful Songs for Little People)