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Appointments for new patients
Please ensure your GP referral has been forwarded to the clinic. All referrals are triaged, and a staff member will contact you within a week of receipt to offer the next available appointment.

We deliver the highest level of experienced paediatric care.

With an emphasis on timely access for acute medical issues and flexibility for families, you know you’ll be in good hands.

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Children bring their families the most amazing joy but also worry and concern from the time they are conceived. Much as there are many different ways to cook a potato, there is no “right” way to raise a child. We believe every child and family is unique and we respect and admire individual differences, together we will find the right solution.

Dr. Cathy Coates’ experience in both acute and outpatient general paediatrics is a unique skill set, with families being able to receive streamlined care for all forms of acute and outpatient paediatric conditions.

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Making an appointment

There’s a couple of steps involved with seeing our Paediatrician. Read through the process before getting in touch.

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